Savouri- Conveniently tasty

Tribox Design have created a new Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Savouri Food Products. Savouri envision to become the top-of-mind food producer in the country dedicated to provide its consumers with the best tasting food they deserve. 

Prior to the pandemic, the brand was called FRYCO rice bowls. It was publicly introduced in 2017, as a college thesis/business project. Later on, it grew to 3 branches until 2020 – when the country was hit with Covid, pushing schools to be closed since then. The target market was students, as the kiosks were located in the canteens of Central Philippine University, Ateneo de Iloilo and University of Iloilo. 
The brand was known for its savory meals. The success of the business was not only based on the profits made, but the long lines and queues of the students. And feedback would often be summed up to “never disappointing”. Despite the love for the brand, it failed to pivot itself to adapt to the early stages of the pandemic.

Given the unpredictable lockdown impositions alongside its restrictions, another brick-and-mortar is not considerable. This became an added challenge to target a new, and different market.

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Savouri Food Products


Brand Identity, Brand Messaging, Packaging Design

Savouri- Conveniently tasty
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